Looking for a fright?!

Want to be scared out of your skin? Looking for something to do this Halloween? Well there are tonnes of places to go in Sussex.

Tulley’s Farm is a brilliant event and fun for all ages! There is a children’s daytime Halloween ‘Spooktober’ and a ‘Fright Night’ ‘Shocktober fest’ for the brave.

The farm is famous for its Halloween spectaculars and is the UK’s number one scream park, attracting up to 5000 people a night!

The team from Terror Attractions UK said: “I won’t even try to describe the level of awesomeness of this year’s scare mazes.

If I do, I will probably still be lacking in my description. So all I can say is: IT. WILL. BLOW. YOUR. FREAKING. MIND.”

Well that just sums it up really. You can’t miss Tulley’s Farm! Starting from October 5th to November 2nd there are plenty of opportunities to visit!

The Creepy Cottage looks comfortable and homely, but that is a far cry from what the inside beholds; testing your reactions and shocking you senseless.

The Haunted Hayride is thrilling and filled with suspense – you never know what is going to jump out at you next… could be ‘The Woodsman.’

A new attraction is the ‘Twisted Maze’ is not one to go to if you suffer with Coulrophobia; there are clowns aplenty… scoring an 11/10 scare factor.

Most of the ‘Fright Night’ attractions have an age restriction of 15 and the ‘Scare Factor’ doesn’t wave below 7… now that’s pretty scary.

Tulley's farm: 'Shocktober'

Tulley’s farm: ‘Shocktober’

New for this year’s ‘Shocktober Fest’ is the ‘Cirque de Shock’ and the ‘Haunted Funfair,’ and with the ever-growing number of attractions, more people are bound to want a piece of the action.

The night time attractions spark even more fear as the dark takes over and makes the visitor tremble with terror.

As well as Tulley’s Farm there are plenty of other places to visit in Sussex, however they do not match up to Tulley’s definition of ‘scary.’

Other attractions are more for that of families and for day-time activities for youngsters, but if you are looking specifically for that ‘shock factor’ Tulley’s is the place to go.

Drusilla’s Park is another brilliant attraction for children, with their ‘Shriek Week’ special. Mystery guests such as Scooby-Doo will be there to meet any budding detectives.

Drusilla’s has many activities for the young’uns; ‘Haunted Heights,’ ‘Mummy mayhem,’ ‘Spooky Happenings’ and many more and is a jam-packed day out for the family.


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