Feline lonely? Brighton opens first Cat Cafe

By Lily, Charlotte, Francesca, Roz and Ella

One of the UKs first ever cat cafes is set to open in Brighton in Spring 2014. We’re not kitten around!

Koneko Cat Cafe (Koneko meaning kitten in Japanese) promises to give patrons a far eastern zen atmosphere where they can enjoy homemade cakes and hand crafted latte art.

Customers will be able to play with 10 rescue cats, eight of them in permanent residence and two up for adoption.

The quirky idea of cat café’s originated in Japan, with the first one opening in Taiwan in 1998. This resulted in a string of over 100 cat cafes opening all over Japan, with one even adding goats.

As the café’s became a huge sensation, more and more were opened globally and finally the UK saw its first opening in Totnes, Devon last July.

Worried about germs or concerned about the kitties? The café’s are known to have strict rules on cleanliness and animal welfare. The cats are banned from entering areas where food and drink are prepared and particular care is taken in making sure the cats are not disturbed by excessive attention from the customers.

Frankie Sloan, 18, a cat lover and student from Sussex, said: “I’m paws-itively over the moon, I have heard of the ones in Tokyo and it is great that there will soon be one close by. I’ve heard they will do Bubblegum and Pinacolada flavour frappes which sound amazing!”

Koneko Cat Café sounds like the place to get a purrr-fect café experience. However, with this dreamy image comes a price and the café is asking for final donations.

If you want to keep up to date with their progress, dates for the opening of the Cat Café or even to make a donation, follow them on Twitter @KonekoCatCafe or like their Facebook page.



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