Circus Street’s £100million Development.

UntitledCircus Street, Brighton will soon be home to a new £100million development scheme.

The plans to change the derelict municipal market building will begin as early as next year.

It is set to bring at least £200million in profit to Brighton and Hove and will create 600 new jobs.

‘Circus’ will be Brighton’s ‘most sustainable development’ to date and will have modern facilities which will benefit the public.

Among these amenities will be a library and teaching spaces for the University of Brighton, also providing 486 halls of residence for the students.

Professor Anne Boddington, dean of University of Brighton’s Faculty of Art told the Argus, “We see this as a great opportunity to extend the facilities we have for our students and staff.”

‘The Dance Space’ in the new building will be home to the South East Dance organisation, whose aims are to increase the participation and access to dance.

The council said it expects to make a decision on the plans for the Circus Street development early next year.

Currently this area occupies a number of cafés, greengrocers and small businesses.

The Street resembles those of markets in London with a diverse group of business owners from different heritages.

Brighton & Hove’s Wood Recycling project is also located here; they make a small economical crease in comparison to the dent the future plans hope to create.

The homes here are predominantly made up of a mixed batch of homeowners. The majority are couples and singles; other residents are retired people and families.

The properties are low quality, small detached and semi-detached houses or flats.

Typically the residents are employed in office jobs and manual trades, however some are rising up their professions.

Cameo UK reported that for the area, “the Levels of investment and credit risk are both lower than average”.

This new development, lead by Brighton and Hove City Council, offers many new and exciting opportunities for everyone in the heart of the city.

The major benefits of the new build include boosting the vibrancy and creativity of the particular area, as it currently stands as a empty building.

Attracting more people to the area will have its positives, whether they are economical or social.

Brighton is forever striving to ‘be green’ and this development really encourages eco-friendly ideas. It will include; a fruit tree orchard, green roofs, living walls, bird boxes, grey water recycling and food growing pathways.

Promoting a zero-carbon building may well improve the quality of resident’s lives in the surrounding area.

Although the development will be reinventing a derelict site, £100 million seems like a lot of money for one project. Because the idea is fairly new and in its very early days, have the council considered everything that will need to be paid for?

For example, clearing site to begin the development will be time consuming and expensive, particularly when it comes to waste management.

The biggest concern is running out of money before the development is even finished.

However, a lot of developments have been occurring in Brighton recently (for example, the Level) that have all been a great success.

So far there is little information on what the street is going to consist of, but there will be halls of residence for up to 486 University of Brighton students.

Although further property development in Sussex is desperately needed, is setting up halls for students in this location really a good idea?

The plan proposes a tranquil, sustainable, clean environment and, if it’s going to be crammed full of students, that mood won’t last long. But who knows? Perhaps this will be good for the students – after all, sustainability is becoming a more prominent issue, particularly in Brighton.


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