World Mental Health Day 2013: Get Involved.

World Mental Health Day 2013


The fight to challenge the stigma around mental health will take place tomorrow on World Mental Health Day. Every year the Mental Health Foundation run a campaign to raise awareness about a particular mental health issue.

This year the focus is on the elderly to improve the lives of those who suffer with dementia, depression and other serious mental health illnesses. The office of national statistics claims that those who are 55 and older have greater life satisfaction than those who are aged between 25 and 54.

World Mental Health Day looks to celebrate and maximise the potential that this phase in a person’s life can have through the participation in activities and strong personal relationships.

Brighton & Hove City Council have funded a programme which takes place throughout this week. The sports development team have created a programme for people of all ages to participate in including health walks as well as four additional free sport activity sessions by Active for Life.

Komedia and Jubilee Square are just two venues that will also host events this week as World Mental Health Day tackles these issues through theatre, film and public exhibitions.

The Mental Health Foundation are also giving people the opportunity to get involved with Tea & Talk events. The concept is simple as you invite your friends round for a natter, put the kettle on and donate to the Mental Health Foundation.

To find more details and get involved with any of these events or to find out more about Mental Health Day 2013, visit the websites below.–2012-13/sb—personal-well-being-in-the-uk–2012-13.html#tab-Sex–age-and-ethnicity

by Andrew McClean @drewmcclean


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