World Food Day 2013

World food day falls on the 16th of October every year, spreading the message of unity and support in face of increasing global poverty and hunger. This event, introduced in 1945 by the UN is celebrated across the world by the many organisations, such as the World Food Program,  that dedicate themselves to the fight for sustainability and an end to world  hunger and malnutrition.

Each year a different theme is set to focus the attention of the world on a particular issue, this year the theme is ‘Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition’. This has become a hot topic in recent years with concerns over how we are to feed the ever growing global population. It is even going to be the focus of the Milan 2015 Expo, where countries will come together to showcase their ideas for a sustainable planet under the banner ‘Feed our Planet’.

On this day, throughout the world, events and conferences, concerts and demonstrations take place with the aim of educating people and inspiring solutions to some of the most serious issues we face as human beings. In London there will be a series of events including a unique concert, soul legend Bo Saris will be performing with the extraordinary No hunger Orchestra, a group of musicians and volunteers playing instruments made of anything they could find from African gourds to oil drums.

With events like this across the UK there is no excuse not to get involved and as Bono says “If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved!” So do one thing for a better world be part of this crucial debate.

For more information of World food day go to :

Find out more about the No Hunger Orchestra here:


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