Why I turned off Sex Box

Why I turned off Sex Box

Channel 4’s controversial new television programme Sex Box aired on Monday and was just weird.

The concept of the show is to show people the true meaning of sex and have a sensible discussion about the subject. They try to achieve this by getting various different couples, a white heterosexual couple, a black heterosexual couple and a gay couple to basically go into a box, have sex, and then recall their experience to a team of ‘experts’.

So the presenter introduces the first couple, they talk a bit about themselves,  and then enter this big, square, strange box, which the viewer never sees the inside of, and get it on. They then exit the box and sit in front of the three experts and pretty much just talk about what they did. The discussion is not interesting or enlightening, just simply awkward, with the couple sitting there giggling and telling us details nobody could possibly care about.  The experts though seem to find this all fascinating and turn their mundane story into some sort of ground-breaking finding, which it isn’t.

I didn’t listen to what the next couple had to say for themselves, but it was most likely as embarrassing as the previous couples’ story, so won’t be watching again, and advise that you don’t either.


One thought on “Why I turned off Sex Box

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