The Return of the Beachy Head Lighthouse



by Matt Squires

Eastbourne’s iconic lighthouse at Beachy Head may finally be restored to its original glory within the next week.

Hailsham-based painting and decorating company Sussex Blast Cleaning have been trusted with the £27,000 restoration, and the workers are expected to move into the final stages of the project over the coming days.

The renovation comes as a result of a successful campaign from several Eastbourne residents and celebrities, with famous faces such as Eddie Izzard and John Craven topping the list of names that helped to raise the required funds.

With views described as both “wild” and “spectacular” by Rob Wassell of the ‘Save the Stripes’ campaign, the lighthouse at the foot of the Beachy Head cliffs has been a staple of the town’s celebrated seafront ever since it first produced light back in 1902.

Despite reports circulating in 2010 that the lighthouse was due to be replaced by advanced on-board navigational devices, the lighthouse is still active to this day, and remains extremely popular with Eastbourne’s tourists and visitors to the surrounding areas.


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