The Argus Achievement Awards

The winners of The Argus Achievement Awards celebrated their awards for their selfless efforts in Sussex, last Sunday at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

The generous heroes were all worthy winners, with their courageous stories highlighting the commitment and bravery of ordinary people in Sussex, proving that you don’t need a celebrity status to make a difference.

 As Brighton Lite spotlighted eight nominees last week, of which half won their categories, the winners of the Business in the Community category, The Bevy tweeted their thanks for the award.


Image from The Argus

Needless to say all the nominees were treated to a special night, with a VIP bar and a piano serenade by the musical dog, Rowlf.

Michael Beard, editor of The Argus, said: “The Argus Achievement Awards are simply one of the best things that The Argus is involved in.”

A truly special night with a room filled with outstanding and brave people from Sussex.


Image from The Argus

With The Argus Achievement Awards in its 12th year, a record number of nominations this year, this highlights the growing popularity in recognising the exceptional hard work of people in the community.

Michael Beard adds: “It’s so important to celebrate and recognise everything that it good in our community and give a little back to those people who selflessly give up many hours of their time without much, if any, recognition.”

As the 2013 Achievement Awards draws to a close, next year is set to be another extraordinary evening, celebrating the astounding people of Sussex.

To find out all of the winners and the photos find them at

Rhiannon Pulling


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