Martlets Noon Walk- “Fundraising is a vital part of our income”says Martlets Hospice.

Noon Walk

“Fundraising is a vital part of our income”says Martlets Hospice.

The Noon walk is one of many fundraising events that helps to support Martlets hospice for terminally ill patients.

The Walk around the Brighton and Hove area on Sunday,for men and boys, hopes to raise £15,000 for the Hospice.

Based in Hove the hospice has vitally supported and cared for over 22,000 local people since it opened its doors in 1997.

Martlets would not be able to function, however, without the vast array of charity events it lays on.

A point that Ruth, the Communications officer at Martletts, stressed when I spoke to her.

“We only receive a third of our funding from the NHS”

This was a very poignant point to our conversation, as it was obvious that without the support of local people the hospital would struggle to provide the quality of care and support it currently does to families in grief.

Ruth was keen to tell me about the “huge range” of fundraisers the hospice holds saying:

“Our events appeal to lots of different people”

The noon walk on Sunday being only one of many crucial fundraising activities.

When I asked what the money would mean to Martlets, Ruth told me that the money would mean a great deal to the families that Martlets works with.

She said that of the 100 men walking on Sunday, many would have been directly affected by the organisation.

And when I asked what this would mean to these families she told me that it would “definitely” mean a lot.

Being the only local hospice in the area to provide this support for terminally ill patients as well as after care for grieving families, Martlets is a crucial organisation.

The service helps local people when they are at their most vulnerable and final stages of their lives, for this reason I hope that the Noon Walk on Sunday raises awareness to the hospice’s outstanding services, as well as paying homage to those who have passed away in their care.

Words by Lu Wright


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