Insidious 2 Review

Insidious Part 2 Review

Months of refraining to watch any trailers and avoiding adverts led to me having not a single clue what Insidious Part 1 was about- just how I like it. Being a massive horror film fan, I prefer not to ruin my cinema experience with over exposing trailers, especially when it comes to horrors. It makes them scarier. So, after successfully avoiding spoilers, I sat in the cinema watching Insidious questioning why I had done this to myself. There were some truly terrifying moments in this film that were expertly timed to make you jump out of your skin. At one point, I found myself on the floor of the cinema- after jumping so high that the seat had flipped back up from underneath me- leaving me red faced on the ground. Thank God it was dark in there.

The general story is a family move in to a new house and strange things start happening, such as strange noises and doors opening. The cliché haunted house. However, it becomes more original when you discover it’s not the house that’s haunted- it’s one of their sons. The young boy is able to travel to other realities, which leaves him vulnerable for the dead souls in that reality to take over his body. It sounds complicated, but after watching it, it’s fairly straight forward.

I know that many horror film fans have been waiting with baited breath for Insidious Part 2, being one of them myself. However, after seeing the first film I thought I knew what the general gist of the film would be like. During the first half an hour, I found myself to be completely in the right. I was thoroughly disappointed. There were no build ups to scary moments, meaning there was no tension- which is an essential ingredient to any good horror. Some of the horror scenes seemed to be completely random and unconnected. I found myself once again questioning why I had done this to myself, but for very different reasons this time.

However, after the first half an hour, the film started living up to my expectations and towards the end, exceeding them. This film filled in some of the bald patches in the first one- and you began to build up a puzzle of what may have seemed to be completely unnecessary scenes in the first film. Without wanting to spoil anything or build up your expectations, the film was a similar style to Inception or The Matrix. The idea is layers of different realities and how they can connect, with a twist of dark horror. You can expect to get that light bulb moment when you think ‘oh, that’s why that happened in the first film!’ The concept is pure genius. In addition, the end leaves a trace of mystery so that you can definitely expect an Insidious Part 3.

Emma Sanders


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