Don’t Think Wear Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The chances are that you probably know someone or are related to someone who has been affected by breast cancer.

It can affect every one of us, gender regardless.

One in Eight women and (although it’s rare) roughly 400 men a year are diagnosed with the disease.

Breast cancer awareness month is your chance to do something for the Breast Cancer Research charity.

There are several events that are taking place across the U.K. from fashion shows to fun runs.

Although there are no events taking place in Brighton this month, local businesses are flying the flag.

PeeWees Hair Salon

PeeWees Hair Salon

PeeWees Hair Salon a chain of businesses situated in Brighton and Burgess Hill have done a fantastic number of things  to support cancer charity’s from one brave soul shaving her hair off to skydiving out of a plane.

PeeWees Support a good cause

You may not need to do something quite as drastic as skydive but you can support the charity in other ways ‘Wear Pink’ is a scheme that can be done in the work place or at home, and all you have to do is what it says on the tin.

Words by Mat Smith


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