Breaking Bad- Character Profiles

Ever wanted to watch a man cook all day? I mean Walt is hardly your Jamie Oliver but apparently ‘His stuff is the bomb’.…alright so he cooks crystal meth. That’s what being a science teacher for 20 does to you. Breaking bad tells the story of this secret daredevil and his rebel partner Jesse who seems to get hotter throughout the five series. Here we have complied character profiles on all the characters in the series, starting everyone’s favourite Walter White.

Walter White

Walt is a bad ass chemistry teacher who develops cancer and comes up with a crazy plan to cook meth.  He becomes known in the drug dealer world as Heisenberg…not to be confused with a beer. He is married to Skylar, if you ask me he’s punching well above his weight. Throughout the series Walt develops the need for greed and gets a kick out of killing people. He gets away with crime after crime when he forms his partnership with Jesse, a young drop out college student who shares a brain cell with Miley Cyrus. Walt constantly gets Jesse out of trouble and they enter a love/hate relationship with each other which seems to work extremely well in such unusual circumstances. This main character definitely keeps the audience hooked!


Jesse Pinkman

Jesse, a college dropout, finds himself manufacturing meth with former Chemistry teacher, “Mr. White”, after his life wasn’t really leading anywhere special. Cooking meth suits his druggy lifestyle as well as serving up to his scummy but reliable ‘gang’; Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo. Jesse learns the tricks of the trade and he and White begin to create a huge drug empire. With White’s expert knowledge and Jesse’s street contacts what could possibly go wrong?

After White’s money-making scheme takes off, Jesse finds it hard to stay off the 99% pure crystal and the money goes to his head, as you would expect with a typical stoner kid. But Jesse doesn’t stop there, Oh no! He carries a storm cloud of accidents, deaths and overdoses on his shoulders, and the web of guilt grows bigger throughout the series. If I were you I wouldn’t wait any longer to watch this ground breaking series, you will be well and truly hooked! On the other hand if you have finished it, I wish you luck trying to find anything that beats it.


Gus is the man who kills trusted accomplices, friends, family and anyone in the way, the man who infiltrates a drug capable of damaging whole community’s right under the DEA’s noses and the man who comes to a bitter end.

Gustavo Fring enters our Breaking Bad obsession when Walt and Jesse are on the hunt for a big meth corporation.

When Walt comes across Gus, the owner of Los Pollos a fried chicken restaurant, it seems he has met a potential match, and possibly a friend.

However, during the following episodes to come we see a chilling and malicious side to this man, and his hard exterior is slowly but surely crumbling away as DEA, Hank, becomes aware of his involvement with the “blue stuff”.


By Charlotte, Liv, Roz and Frankie


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