Black History Month 2013



By Helen Davidson

In the UK Black History Month is observed every year in October.

The aims of this annual event are to educate people about black history and culture in Britain and acknowledge the contributions of British people of African and Caribbean decent over the centuries.

In Britain the history of black people goes back many centuries.

Influxes of immigrants from the Caribbean and various parts of Africa have increased the population of black people in the UK and helped establish the presence of a new culture and British identity.

Over history black people have always played important roles in entertainment, politics, and sport, as well as various other areas of public service including nursing.

The abolition of slavery in Britain in 1807 marked an important step towards equality and freedom and should never be forgotten.

The recent 200th anniversary of this date in 2007 makes the acknowledgment of Black History Month every year even more relevant in Britain today.

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