The Harry Potter Experience

Rhiannon Pulling

A famous wizarding school and a boy with a lightning bolt scar are clues to the article. Even if you’re not a fan, the sets and process of creating the Harry Potter films is mind blowing.

It began at the Harry Potter Studios in London, my sister and I started off with a pep talk by a guide, to then be taken into a room where we were shown a short film with the cast talking about their experiences. The film disappears to reveal the doors of the Great Hall, where we were directed around, pointing out the various costumes from the different houses and teachers at the front.


After that we were set free to wander around at our own pace looking at sets, props and costumes were on show, with information descriptions about them. You see the make-up and wigs that they use, walls covered in drawings of each set with everything perfected to the last millimetre. Over the course of the films they made over 250 body casts for deaths, with a selection on show.


We wandered outside looking around at the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and other sets. The Burrow where the Weasleys live is all purposely built so no wall or surface was at a right angle. The final set is the model of the castle, which is used for all the panning shots, with videos showing the eight weeks it took for the team to complete!


When asking my sister what she thought of the Studios she replied with: “Amazing! It’s my second time coming here and there are things that I didn’t see or realise before. The costumes were my favourite part, especially Hermiones Yule Ball dress.”

After that a trip to the gift shop was next. The gifts are what you expected, wizarding robes, wands and sweets but the prices were slightly out of my budget, £18 for a mug?! £25 for a wand?!

 Overall, I’d recommend doing it to anyone and everyone, even if you’re not a Potter fan, the costumes, sets and detailing that all goes into it is astonishing.

We might all gloss over the attention to detail in the sets and costumes when watching the films and forget about how much work and time goes into it all.

After a day at the Harry Potter Studios the real world doesn’t seem quite as interesting as a place where goblins and three headed dogs are normal.


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