Wolf Alice: ‘Blush’ EP Review


There’s something very 2013 about the brand of indie rock that London based quartet, Wolf Alice have produced on their debut EP despite sounding like they’ve been plucked straight out of the 90s.

The title track opens with a ringing guitar phrase that sounds like it could easily hold its own in front of packed out Pyramid Stage. Ellie Rowsell’s soft yet powerful vocals on ‘Blush’ build into an atmospheric track as the lead singer curses ‘the things that have made me sad for so long’. The debut EP largely follows the same sound found on debut single, ‘Fluffy’ that was released at the beginning of the year. The second track, ‘She’ is lead by a fast paced riff that is certain to spark carnage on their current tour of the UK with Birmingham based indie band, Swim Deep. So far, the reviews suggest that Wolf Alice have been stealing the show from the headline act as they continue to expand their ever growing fan base. ‘Nosedive’ is the most uplifting number on the EP before it closes with the psychedelic vibes that make ’90 Mile Beach’ potentially the strongest track on the EP.

‘Blush’ is available from Monday 7th October.


Andrew McClean


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