Best Community Business-The Bevenden Community Pub

The Bevenden Community Pub

“A pub should be about more than a good beer”

After the local pub closed down in 2010. Members of Moulsecoomb’s local community undeterred by the circumstances by  which the original pub closed  clubbed together to create The Bevendean Pub.

 ‘The Bevy’  a community run scheme where shares in the pub were sold off at £10 a share with the goal of £200,000 for the community to wholly own the building.

“Why can’t I just walk down the road and have a pint or go out and have a nice meal with my Mrs?”

The Bevendean Pub is the first community led pub on an estate.

It really paves the way for communities pulling together and putting money into things they want .

Warren Carter, Chair for the management committee at The Bevvy: “ With the current  economic situation  it’s down to local people to take care of their communities. The councils have their budget stretched far enough as it is.”

In February of this year the  Conservative MP Simon Kirby showed his support for the pub by buying a £10 share in the pub.

He joins the 1000’s of supporters from the community who have already proudly pledged to re-open the communal centre of the estate.


image taken by The Argus Feb 2013

The scheme is a really nice idea, with the possibility to spark other communities to club together and save their pubs.

“People who don’t drink will still be welcome, we’ll have other things going on and it’ll be the centre of the community once again.”

The bevvy twitter

“The first pint will taste the best”

You can show your support by visiting the project’s website here:

Words by Mat Smith


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