Argus Achievement Awards


The nominations for this year’s Argus Achievement awards were published today; more than 150 nominees opened their morning paper to the news that they had been shortlisted for the award. Now in its 12th year, The Argus Achievement Awards seeks to find and reward individuals and groups who have made special and selfless contributions to the local community.

As in previous years the awards are split into various categories, among them the Outstanding Contribution to Sussex award, Best School Award and the Business in the Community Award. On a more individual level there are awards such as Teacher of the Year and the brand new Local Hero Award. Each award is sponsored by a different local business including our own Brighton and Hove City college, and the ceremony has come to be seen as an institution in the Brighton Community.

Click on the images below to see our take on some of the nominees!


Green Group/Person of the year.


Contribution to Arts and Culture


Beyond the Call of Duty


Contribution to Sussex Sport

Best Community Business


Charity of the year

Achiever of the year

Teacher of the year

Teacher of the year


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