The £1 million Road to Nowhere?

By Lily, James, Roz, Ella, Charlotte, Frankie and Liv.

Cycle-lane-001It seems that the Green Party has done it again, outraged the motorists but left cyclists having a field day.

The £1million road change enables cyclists to cycle “safely” along Lewes Road, however it’s fair to say there is a lot of disagreement.

The changes to the road include a lane dedicated to only buses and taxis and a cycle lane along side the left of the bus lane, making the dual carriageway only available on one side to other motorists. Since opening there have various accidents one being described as “lethal” with police calling the new layout “a shambles.”

Andrew Gunner, who lives in Shoreham but works at an estate agents in Lewes Road, witnessed the incident.

He told The Argus: “It really is lethal. I can see a cyclist getting knocked off or a more major accident happening any time soon. “

The problem of frequently appearing cycle lanes sprouting up all over Brighton and Hove first amounted when over £4m was awarded to the city council to ‘improve’ Brighton’s busiest areas to cut the traffic. The all holy ‘Local Sustainable Transport Fund’ helped the council target the busiest, and therefore the worst areas for air quality in the city- one of these being Lewes Road.

Lewes Road has come to a standstill

Lewes Road has come to a standstill

The changes that will the benefit the area, according to the council, include:

  • Upgrades to public transport facilities: such as real time bus signs, bus shelters
  • Improvements to Lewes Road for pedestrians, buses and cyclists
  • Better links to the new South Downs National Park
  • Provision of sustainable travel information and incentives to residents, school children and university students

However, with pros always come the cons:

  • It’s clearly noted that this new lane will be an ‘improvement’ for the pedestrians, buses and cyclists, what about the car drivers and the motorcyclists, they have places to be as much as anyone
  • There may be better links to the new South Downs National Park, but the car drivers and motorcyclists have places to be too. The motorway running from Lewes Road goes directly to Lewes Town, where the public commutes from to and fro.

These are the opinions of local road users:

However Edu Gabriel, said the new route worked well, he quoted to the Argus “It’s great. I not only go to university a lot quicker now, its also a lot safer.”

A fellow student from Brighton and Hove city college who has just started taking driving lessons in the area, stated; “It makes me feel nervous having buses, cyclists and cars all in the same street, im hoping this new cycle lane will really turn things around.”

Lily Pritchard, a resident of Lewes Road said “I didn’t even know it was happening.”

A review of the cycle lane will take place on November26th  by the environment , transport and sustainability committee.

To give us your opinions and thoughts on the new development in the order text this number 07425158975.


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