Mind Charity Brighton and Hove- Charity Of The Year


“Absolutely Thrilled”- The reaction of Mind Charity Brighton and Hove after being nominated for “Charity of the year”

“We help people find their voice” says the Charity that has been nominated “Charity of the year” by The Argus.

“Mind” Charity Brighton and Hove is one of three nominees for this category, having provided essential mental health advice and support within Sussex since 1967.

Speaking to Amanda Hyatt the Fundraising Officer for Mind, I asked how she felt the title would effect the organisation, to which she responded:

“It would help to take us to a wider audience and raise our public profile in Brighton”.

For a charity such as Mind, that relies solely on charitable donations and funders, this would mean a lot.

A “wider audience” as Amanda was keen to highlight would allow the organisation to step onto a larger platform that she believes would give them “credibility”.

With a charity such as Mind, which deals with the sensitive issue of Mental Health, experts in the field are key to the foundations of the organisation.

The experts however, could not function without the vast quantities of volunteers that offer their services to the charity regularly.

Amanda described these volunteers as a “Vital part of our organisation”, accrediting them as essential to the industry.

Overall, However Amanda was most interested to portray that “Mind” were “Absolutely thrilled” to be considered for such an award.

Sarah Banily the director of Mind Brighton and Hove is attending the awards event, on behalf of the charity, on Sunday hoping to pick up the prize.

Words by Lu Wright


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