Forward Facing – Beyond The Call of Duty


Rhiannon Pulling

Creating an “impact” – Tasleen Carstairs from Forward Facing tells us about her charity

 As The Argus holds the twelfth Achievement Awards this Sunday, honouring the most giving and courageous people of Sussex, Tasleen Carstairs tells Brighton Lite her reaction to her charity, Forward Facing, nominated for the Beyond the Call of Duty category.

Forward Facing was created in 2009 and originated from the founder Tasleen Carstairs’s idea to combine her skills as a professional hair and make-up artist and wanting “to make a difference”. The charity gives people of all ages and genders a creative outlet to help boost their self-esteem, through various workshops and community projects. The charity is based in Brighton with their services expanding throughout the South East to schools, colleges, hospices and community centres, all run by volunteers.

When asked about her reaction to the nomination, Tasleen replied with “really lovely. It was very humbling. I know hundreds of people who work so hard, so it’s just lovely to be nominated.”


Photo taken by Tony Woods for The Argus

Forward Facing focuses on people experiencing self-image issues for various reasons, including women with cancer and life-limited young people, by teaching people to use camouflage make-up to disguise disfigurements caused either at birth or through illness or accident and as an alternative to surgery. The camouflage make-up allows people who may feel insecure about their disfigurements and is a non-invasive treatment with immediate results. Tasleen describes that the best thing about setting up workshops and helping people is creating “an impact, even if you’ve only made a small difference”.

The event will be taking place at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, celebrating the achievements of many generous and selfless people of Sussex.


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