Brighton Fringe: Contribution to Arts and Culture

Brighton Fringe has been nominated for the Argus Achievement Awards, which take place this Sunday. England’s largest fringe event faces stiff competition in the Contribution to Arts and Culture category from Tom Odell and Dr Roy Wales.


Julian Caddy, the fringe festival’s managing director said, ‘We are delighted to be recognised. It’s a real community event, and if we win on Sunday it’ll be a victory for not just the organisers but for the participants too’. Brighton Fringe celebrates Brighton’s booming arts and culture scene. Anyone who has experienced any of Brighton will know that the city is rich with culture, and the Brighton Fringe is the big annual event where everyone comes together. The event is an open access festival allowing anybody to take part. Julian Caddy also stated, ‘The fringe festival is essential to Brighton’s art and culture scene as it is an event for participants at whatever stage of their career’.

This year the festival ran for an extra week to coincide with half term and bank holiday, which Julian noted, ‘It is not just important for ticket sales, but for people to make the most of the opportunities the fringe makes available’. The extra week extends the fringe to a month long event, and is very valuable to drawing people outside of Brighton to the festival. Fringe events take place throughout the year including the Comedy fringe that runs throughout October. ‘It’s a misnomer really as fringe events run throughout the year and are taking place all the time. There’s a very active fringe feed in Brighton’. During the annual event in May there are various training initiatives and workshops for participants to get involved with. The Fringe festival offers the development of skills for participants to form their own work. The fantastic thing about the festival is its accessibility as it really is a festival for everyone as the lottery bursary initiative that has been running for four years now, allows 12 free registrations for local Brightonians who have never participated in the event before. Details will also be announced next week regarding cost of entry to next year’s fringe event.

The Brighton Fringe Festival is a deserved nominee and if victory goes their way it will undoubtedly boost the main in May and the events that are held throughout the year. The Argus Achievement Award winners will be announced at the Theatre Royal in this Sunday’s ceremony.

By Andrew McClean


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