Past, Present and future: The Brighton Lowdown

  Here’s a brief reminder of what’s been happening in Brighton over the summer (just in case you missed out or were to drunk to remember…), a look at what’s happening now and what’s coming up in the future. Either reminisce over a brilliant summer, or get geared up for a fabulous Autumn/Winter 2013. Enjoy!Brighton Big Screen

Many people gathered to watch the films on Brighton Beach

Many people gathered to watch the films on Brighton Beach

This summer, the Brighton Big Screen made its grand return. The sun was shining, the entrance was free and the food was tasty. There was plenty of room to lounge around on a lazy day- all the while being entertained with the likes of Finding Nemo, Stone Roses and Life of Pi. However, it was slightly stingier than last year as you weren’t permitted to bring in your own food. In addition, the Olympic spirit that was ever present at last year’s Big Screen was of course absent. Regardless of this, there was still a great atmosphere and it was a fantastic addition to a spectacular summer in Brighton.

An Eye on Brighton

See the city in a new light from the Brighton Wheel.

See the city in a new light from the Brighton Wheel.

What better way to spend a hot summer’s day than being crammed in a tiny pod, thrust 50 meters above the ground, to look at a city you were born in and walk around every day? Those were my exact thoughts when my friend suggested a spontaneous trip to the Brighton Wheel on a sunny august afternoon. But really, I think you should try it- I was really suprised.

Located on Brighton Seafront (next to the sealife centre- it’s really hard to miss) the Brighton Wheel does a similar job as the London Eye- showing the tourists the surrounding area of the city. Once I got past my slight nausea at the rocking movement of the pod we were in and the very annoying voiceover, the trip was rather enjoyable- I could have a good old chat with my friend before she left me for the wonderful world of uni (sniff…) and saw a different side to the place I lived, worked and studied in every day. Everywhere I looked there was a different memory- from the racecourse, to St peters church, to the pier- and I saw just how vast and sprawling Brighton and hove was, set against the silky, rolling hills of the surrounding countryside.

Tickets for adults are £8 (£7.50 if you book online), cheaper for children, and if you fancy splashing the cash you could have a VIP pod with- wait for it- half a bottle of champagne! I reckon it’d be quite nice to go at night as you’d see the city glittering with light.

Freshers 2013
These young students that come pouring into our lovely city seem to have everything they could possibly want. Brighton offers so much in the way of Freshers: student nights Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Discounts here and free entry’s there. The City offers every type of music, every type of food and every type of personality.

Having lived here most of my life I often forget quite how great Brighton is. Coming here for the first time around the age of 18/19/20, away from the parents, (independence at last!) I imagine it’s a dream come true.

I am constantly around students. I have student neighbours (lovely yet loud), and meet many when I’m out.I often get asked if I’m a Fresher; I reply ‘no, I just live here’ and receive this response: ‘that’s sooooo cool’ / ‘you’re sooooo lucky’. And we are. Brighton is unusual, quirky and has everything to offer. Embrace our city Freshers!

The Future For Brighton..
Despite the negativity surrounding the club after the “Poo-Gate” saga’ the loss of a very sought after manager and the defeat in a crucial Play Off Semi Final, there are yet positives for the club. Introduction of Ex Barca star Oscar Garcia, has been inaugurated as Head Coach of the Albion, adding a touch of class to the seasiders play. Among the fans there is a new found optimism, and the ambitious signings of Stephen Ward, Craig Conway, Kemy Agustien And Adam Chicksen, could yet again see the Albion fighting for the prem… SEAGULLS!

By Emma, Ryan Saskia and Lily


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