Labour Party Conference- Backchat from the background

The Labour Party conference is drawing to a close and as an inside scoop we decided to look at the people behind the conference and gauge their reactions to Ed Miliband’s new proposed policies and how they dealt with the party being held in the city.

The Labour Party Conference at The Brighton Centre

Local businesses have responded very well to the Labour Party conference being held by the sea.  Walking along the seafront we noticed that the shop fronts were littered with signs promoting ‘Labour Lunch Deals’ enticing the MPs to try the local cuisine. We approached one fine establishment called ‘The Ocean Pub’; inside we spoke to Andrew, the manager. He was very enthusiastic about the Conference being held in the city, even comparing the type of business to what he received at Christmas. He was keen about the conference returning in future years.

The Grand Hotel- Brighton

The Grand hotel Brighton

Continuing our leisurely stroll along the foggy seafront we bumped into Gemma Doyle the Shadow Defense Minister for Labour. She was very eager to talk to us about the conference and Ed Miliband’s newly proposed policies giving, in her opinion, Labour “a strong platform going into the next general election in 2015”. She believed that the city was a fantastic place to hold this year’s conference, she had enjoyed her week visiting a lot of the local businesses. However she jokingly stated that she “would have preferred it to have been a little closer to home”

Finally, we decided to head to where the Labour MPs and various other interested parties have eaten, slept and drank for the duration of the conference. The Thistle hotel for those who aren’t ‘in the know’  is situated on the seafront. As we wandered up to the hotel, we were greeted by an employee called Sam. We asked him how the past week has affected the business and how the hotel has coped with the influx of MP’s staying there.

The Labour Party conference has obviously made a huge  impact on Brighton’s community, local businesses have been buzzing. Creating a vibe of hype and activity in the city, the only “inconvenience”, as Shadow Defense Minister Gemma Doyle suggested, being the sheer amount of people trying to squeeze into one space with hundreds having descended on the city for the event.

Words and pictures by Mat Smith & Lu Wright

Below are a selection of recordings taken, please enjoy listening to them and feel free to comment.


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