Dreadlocked Banana finds a new home

Lucy Songi

A man spent his life savings on a carnival game, baffled commuters were shocked to read on their journeys to work early last week. Henry Gibbohm, from New Hampshire USA spent $2,600 on a game called ‘Tubs of Fun’ at a carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire, run by ‘Fiesta Shows’ while attempting to win the top prize of an X-Box Kinect.

He has commented in an interview with WBZ News, ‘it’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged’, defending his loss. He added that the decision to dip into his life savings came after the men at the stall had offered to refund his money if he won as he had gathered such a large audience.

The unlucky contestant returned home with only a stuffed banana complete with dreadlocks. He said in an interview with CollegeHumour ‘I had to actually walk away to figure out how I was ‘gonna handle this. I didn’t think that they could up and vanish like carnies do.’

After a week of mockery from all over the US, Henry’s luck took a U-turn. CollegeHumour, an American comedy website, bargained that if their Facebook page of the story got over ‘30,000 likes’ they would buy the Rasta banana from the Henry for $2600 and give him the X-Box Kinect he so desperately wanted.

Exceeding the target, Henry is now making others question whether good things can come to those who fail. CollegeHumour stuck to their word and Dreadlocked Banana now has a permanent residence in their office.

Having been captured doing some pretty extensive office work, it seems Dreadlocked Banana has become an integral part of the CollegeHumour team. I’m sure we all wish him well in his new career and will see him as a testament to how far you can come in just a week!



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