A chance to enjoy Stand up for Labour

Stand Up For Labour EastbourneThe Labour Party goes through its ups and downs, well don’t we all?  A group has started that encompasses a lot of what Labour is about.  Labour party people have a great sense of humour, a strong belief in what they feel is right for the country, a determination to achieve that and a desire to support each other in the process.  The Stand up for Labour group is all of that and is something that even a Tory can enjoy (occasionally).  They have been to Eastbourne recently and there is another chance to see them coming up in the South-East for people who just want to have a great laugh.

Stand up for Labour are putting on shows with great comedians and guest speakers, the proceeds after paying for promotion and the venue all go to the Constituency Labour Party in the area to spend on campaigning.  For areas such as Eastbourne that are struggling to do much because of low membership, it can be a great financial boost.  On March 9th the Underground Theatre was packed out as people roared with laughter at the antics of Grainne Maguire, Crispin Flintoff, Arthur Smith and Lord Denis Healey.

The party gained from the promotional material, it gave a great visual presence to Labour outside of election time.  Manos gave a hysterically funny view of the Greek crises and the approach of Angela Merkel.  Arthur Smith got even the Tories in the theatre laughing (there were two  brave enough to come along).  Jon Rogers from Unison was the guest speaker who added some confirmation about why we were all there.

They aim to keep ticket prices low and get the largest number of people coming along.  On May 25th Stand up for Labour will be at the OLd Market House in Hove as part of the Brighton Festival.  They have their own website where you can find out more and if anyone really wants a boost to their morale it will surely be all they are looking for.  Appearing in Hove will be Joe Wells, Manos Kanellos, Arnold Brown and Claire Summerskill.


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