A non-tech geek’s view on the coming technology wave

By Tom Copeland


The technological game of Ping-Pong between companies such as Google and Apple has been evolving at an extraordinary rate over the past few years and it looks like it’s about to jump up a notch.

Even I, in my youthful early twenties, can remember when a mobile phone was a rarity at school, resembling more of a breeze block than a credit card, and the home computer needed it’s own house space to fit in to. However today most people have their computer, or tablet should I say, within arms reach at all times of the day, whatever they may be.

But now we are on the verge of entering a phase where computer will, in essence, be ‘on you’ rather than with you. I am talking about the Google glasses and Apple’s current developments including their new iWatch contraption.

Google have designed and seem close to releasing a pair of rather Inspector Gadget like specs, although even the Inspector himself couldn’t do with his glasses what Google are making possible.

Seemingly called Google Glass, the technology giants have taken the next step in bringing the information you need, when you need it, right in front of your eyes. Literally. The total do’s and don’ts of the Glass are as yet to be fully revealed but services including information about weather, current location updates – Google Maps – and calendar appointments are among what have been mooted so far.

Someone texts you and the glasses link to your phone and bring the text up in front of your eye and a reply can be issued using the glasses microphone function. There’s another 15 seconds saved I guess.

It does sound like an amazing step forward in technology and will surely be a huge success worldwide but it does beg the question what next?

The ingenious people within Apple have also come up with their next step in on-the-body technology with the interactive iWatch.

Hold on, Gadget had one of those as well. I’m sure there must be a correlation somewhere along the lines!

As with the Glass, details remain shady, however it will capture a lot of what your smart phone or tablet computer can do and place that on your wrist to save you the time of getting your phone out of your pocket at swiping the screen on – all of say five seconds. There are interactive watches on the market already, many of which are consumer specific, for example sports watches that track your heart rate and carry sport-specific training tools. However Google are sure to take things one, actually no several steps further forward in what they can offer.

The iWatch is still seen by some as speculative, while the Google Glass has already reached the testing stage and at this point you can expect more details to be made available. But surely Apple won’t let Google have all of the limelight in the talk of the ‘intimate object’ innovations. And, the old phrase of ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ rings strongly in my ears.

Also, I have only mentioned two of the many tech giants in the world. The tablet craze, of the electronic variety, started with Apple but how many companies are happily bouncing along on the bandwagon offering different variations of their hand-held computing device.

Technical details (only of the Google glasses as nothing has yet been released about the potential iWatch):

–       A high-resolution display, apparently the equivalent to that of a 25 inch HD screen seen from a distance of eight feet, according to the developers

–       An incorporated five mega pixel camera capable of recording videos

–       12GB of built-in memory, synched with Google cloud storage

–       A bone conduction transducer to provide audio – please do your own research here

–       The device is to be compatible with any phone with a bluetooth capability, and the glasses require a network connection to provide information – obviously!

–       Needless to say, there’s an app for it too. To help provide the GPS and SMS functions. This is called MyGlass.

Everyone will have their own opinions on the need for these devices but developments will always occur even when you

are completely stumped as to what else could possibly be created to shave another few seconds of an action you perform easily enough everyday.

Maybe a few years down the line, a similarly average tech savvy person will be recording an article about their thoughts, by just thinking, on current developments in computing as he taps out a text to his mates about going out for a beer on his out-dated smart watch.


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