Snow? Let’s stay in bed

Snow hits train travelBy Lydia Clayton

Blizzard conditions have created chaos by beginning the week leaving commuters stranded in their cars or on trains as most routes became treacherous. Heavy snow began falling across South East England yesterday, with some areas being hit harder than others.

With this weather having been forecast since late last week, it seems that the Highways Agency must have had their radios on mute as it appeared no precautions had been put into place for those driving home yesterday evening.

Snowy roads cause delaysMain roads and motorways had not been gritted, making them exceedingly dangerous. Some drivers were stranded in their cars on the A23 for up to nine hours as they waited for the traffic to start moving again, whilst some chose to either abandon their vehicles altogether, or spend a chilly night sleeping with the steering wheel.

Train travellers experienced delays of up to 4 hours and many services between London and Brighton were given an alternative route or cancelled.

So why is it that Britain cannot cope with this white weather? Countries across the continent must be laughing as they watch how our schools close and transport fails, whilst they go about their daily routine amongst 4ft of snow. It seems as though our country comes to a standstill as soon as we even hear about the possibility of snow and it becomes a perfectly valid reason to have a day off.

As soon as the first flake falls, everybody rushes out to stockpile milk and bread from the local supermarket and sits down to watch the news to see where the snow will hit and how long it will last.

The view from the University of Sussex's East Slope BarBut with all the technology and equipment that this country has, why is it that we cannot seem to grit the roads in preparation or clear railway tracks so an amended train service can run?

It is a question that seems to baffle the nation, and as the news reporters stand in all the treacherous parts of the country, it also urges the question – well how did you get there?!

The advice today is to ‘stay in and keep warm,’ making only the necessary journeys. For live up-to-date traffic and train reports, check The Argus website for more information throughout the day.


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