Lift Jam at Brighton City College

…Maybe there’s a penny stuck in there?…

By Lucy Songi

Chaos ensues as we reach minute five of the lift jam incident. Men with screwdrivers gather to pick at the tightly shut doors, while a woman tries desperately to hear the names of the two brave victims through the sliver of a gap that remains. Yes, all those using the elevator when they can use the stairs be warned, two unwilling victims were stuck in the elevator unable to open the doors at our very own Brighton City College Monday afternoon.

lift two

To add insult to injury the incident took place at the end of the college day, just as others started strolling home, these two innocent prisoners began their patient wait for the men in black to save the day by wielding their screwdrivers. The cause of this disaster is so far unknown, however our love goes out to the two brave souls and we hope for their speedy release, or otherwise at least a comfortable night in the lift.


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