Children Brought up by Homosexual Parents Suffer No Adverse Effects

By David Hillier

Children with homosexual parents suffer no adverse effects to being
brought up in a non-traditional household, according to a new report.

The Cambridge Centre For Family Research commissioned the study and
releasedthe information in tandem with the 2013 LGBT Adoption &
Fostering Week,which is taking place 4th-11th March.

According to Professor Susan Golombok, who headed up the study which
followed adoptive families with gay, lesbian and heterosexual parents:
“Overall we found markedly more similarities than differences in
experiences betweenfamily types. The differences that did emerge relate
to levels of depressive symptoms in parents, which are especially low for
gay fathers.”

This is great news for New Family Social, a charity for homosexual
adopters andfosterers looking after a network of 600 families, that is
behind the LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week.

According to the 2011 census, Brighton has the highest number of
civilpartnerships in the country, with 3.1% of all legal relationships
in the areabeing of this nature.

Same-sex marriages were made legal in 2005, and since 2008 the
percentage ofgay adopters and fosters has nearly doubled, from 2.5% to
4.6% in 2012.

However, there are still approximately 9,000 children in the country
lookingfor foster parents, and 4,000 in need of adoption.

Helen Donohoe of New Family Social has said: “There are other waysfor
LGBT to have children, and of course not everyone will want to. However,
wewant prospective parents to know the truth about adoption and
fostering, and tohear from others how rewarding it can be.”

The nearest event taking place to Brighton is in Slough today
(8thMarch).  It will be an informal drop-in session held at West5
in Ealing, and a chance to meet Slough’s family placement team to talk
aboutadoption, fostering and Special Guardianship.

You can find out about that and anything to do with Adoption + Fostering
Week here-


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