World Book Day 2013

By Matthew Berryman

Bookworms all across the UK are celebrating the joy of reading today as the Nation enjoys its 19th annual World Book Day.

The global event is generally considered to take place on the 23rd April, however in England and Ireland it is always held on the first Thursday of March.

This year, the event has been dubbed ‘the biggest book show on Earth,’ and an hour long show is to be performed this morning in front of nearly half a million children.

The event, held in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, will be broadcast to select cinemas nationwide as well as shown live on the web.

The show itself sees a number of famous British writers, including Tony Robinson, Anthony Horowitz, Francesca Simon and Lauren Child, perform readings and hold lectures.

Many children are celebrating the day by dressing up as their favourite literary characters. Favourite choices from the past include: Oliver Twist, Tracy Beaker and naturally, Harry Potter.

A main aim of the event, first held in 1995, is to encourage children worldwide to get involved in reading.  All children in full-time education are given the incentive to purchase a new book in the form of a special voucher issued by schools.

Teachers and Headmasters nationwide consider the event a good way to educate children on the importance of reading and charity, as the profits made from the event are all donated to Book Aid International.

Some schools even extend the day to Book Week, to encourage kids to continue reading throughout the year.

Sainsbury’s released a survey today showing that roughly 10 million families in England have parents who still read to their children.

The survey also showed that only 13% of these families had the father read to them.


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