Brighton Celebrates Women this Weekend

Brighton Celebrates Women this Weekend

By Louisa Michel

Brighton’s Women Centre is set to host an International Women’s Day extravaganza this Saturday at The Dome.

International Women’s Day has been happening since the early 1900’s, and this weekend thousands of events will be held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements.

The Brighton Dome’s International Women’s Day will showcase the work of Brighton’s Women’s Centre, explaining how they having been helping vulnerable women across the city for 35 years. The Centre aims to empower women and promote independence in a safe, women-only space. They offer life-transforming services like counselling, groupwork, open access drop ins, volunteer training and self development courses.

With stalls, live music, art exhibits and performances all day, plus guest appearances from the Mayor of Brighton and Hove and Brighton’s Green MP Caroline Lucas, the International Women’s Day celebrations are set to be a thought-provoking and fun-packed day just for women (doors open to men after midday).

Families, children and the communities of Brighton and Hove are all invited to join in, with special emphasis on mothers who are encouraged to come along too. With a free crèche from 10-4pm, they too can enjoy the day’s workshops including: First Aid, women’s self-defence, voice work, ‘ 20 minute workout tease’, or the selection of holistic therapies.

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