Brighton Commuters Brace Themselves for Traffic Delays Until 2014

Coombe Road 1

By Pendie Wasswa

Thousands of Coombe Road commuters are in for a shock as the morning and afternoon traffic jams will go on until 2014.

There have been roads works on Lewes road since November last year this has caused tremendous delays for drivers using the route.

It is adjacent to Lewes road and used by a number of office workers, students to Brighton University and Coombe Road Primary school pupils and parents.

Lolly Pop lady Lisa Goble, said “this was absolutely ridiculous, the temporary traffic lights are slow and let off just a handful of vehicles.”

One bus driver suggested that since there are two priorities for oncoming vehicles signs the council should remove one to reduce major delays for ongoing traffic.

Coombe Road 2

Gerry Griffin of R. J Dance constructors said that the road works will go on for 16 months on Lewes road.

The traffic lights will be replaced and there will be one line for cars and another for buses constructed which will reduce Coombe road traffic.

New glass bus shelters have been constructed, one employee Ian Court said the bus stops will reopen today as one had been closed.


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