Best lines from the Brighton and Hove Council Budget

jason kitcat

By News reporter

It’s fair to say that council meetings are not usually the most exciting of occasions, but Thursday night’s budget saw the Town Hall’s chambers packed with politicians and public. As the councillors debated the city’s 2013-14 budget, things got a little… spirited. Here are some of the best lines of the night.

“I know that Councillor Kitcat probably doesn’t think he has much to learn from anyone given his recent nomination in the prestigious local government Oscars – the Daniel Day-Lewis of the council.”
– Tory Councillor Ann Norman

“[Eric Pickles] demands councils cut out the fat whilst his own department spends £11,000 per year on biscuits, and what has Mr Pickles been doing to walk off all those biscuits?”
– Labour Councillor Gill Mitchell

“The national economy has flatlined and the country’s credit rating has been downgraded. What a shame we cannot downgrade George Osborne from useless to utterly useless.”
– Green Councillor Phelim MacCafferty

“If those two groups [Greens and Labour] put half a brain together, they’d still have less than half a brain between them.”
– Tory Councillor Tony Janio

“Is he all right?”
– asked during Councillor Littman’s high-pitched impersonation of the Conservatives

“He stole my speech … He stole my speech!”
– Green Councillor Ania Kitcat to Green Councillor Jason Kitcat, whilst Councillor Bowden spoke

If you’d like to watch the debate yourself, you can do so online here.


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