Brighton Beach – the Plaice to Be


By News reporter

A temporary tent city has sprung up on Brighton beach as  fishermen from around the south coast convene  on Madeira Drive. We are accustomed to seasonal visitors crowding the beach – but it’s cold and it’s February so these are not the holiday hordes.

They have been drawn here by the promise of plaice. Equipped with bundles of rods, tackle boxes and wind shelters in various forms, they also appear undeterred by the controversial parking charges. It might be early in the season, and plaice are not commonly caught from Brighton beach, but fish can be fickle and follow food and tides.

This year is proving to be a bumper season. As the word has spread along the fishing lines of communication, fishermen (and they do all appear to be men), are spreading east and west along the shore. Many of them catching at least 6 sizeable fish.

I spoke to one local fisherman who has shifted from his regular sweet spot due to overcrowding, and he told me people are coming from all over the country.

It might be a surprise to some to find shoals of flatfish here on our shingle shore – but there is sand out there beyond the stones – and, for now, it seems, a lot of fish food.

2 thoughts on “Brighton Beach – the Plaice to Be

  1. Its more likely to be muscle beds out there and not sand that attracts the plaice and i believe a few fisherwomen have been getting in on the action . Im hoping to catch a few this weekend if i can get my spare outboard back in time 🙂

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