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Sam Evans

2012 has been a year to remember for local comedian Stephen Foster with competition wins, sell out tours and a spot on Sky 1’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

After years of watching and memorising jokes and sketches by his favourite comedians, Stephen himself was thrusted into the spot light when he entered the Search For A Star competition at the Alexandra Theatre, Bognor.
Despite his initial nerves and lack of comedic experience, Stephen won the competition beating lots of other talented performers.

On the back of this came a tour titled; License To Offend which was a success, selling out Sussex venues.
The success of the tour filled Stephen with more confidence with his ability as a comic and on the back of this; he plucked up to courage to apply for Sky 1’s Don’t Stop Me Now and came second place. Stephen is understandably very proud of this achievement and adds, “It remains one of my proudest moments”.

Stephen first discovered his passion for comedy whilst watching the Carry On films and consequently found his comedic talents when he acted out the roles for his class mates at school or as he puts it, “acting the phrat”.

A chance meeting with Jim Davidson showed Stephen that becoming a stand-up comic wasn’t impossible. “Whilst working at an Aquatics shop I got to meet Jim Davidson and worked on his pond at his Sussex home. Getting to know him introduced me to the world introduced me to the world of stand-up comedy”. As he says this, it is obvious that Stephen is very gratefull to Davidson for inspiring him to pursue a comedy career.

Davidson is not the only celebrity that Stephen has encountered over the years, citing that Lee Evans and Jimmy Carr are his favourites. Both, he says, gave him valuable advice. “Lee Evans told me about when he started as a comedian in the 80’s and how hard it was back then”.

It turns out Jimmy Carr has been an omnipresent figure in the past few years for Stephen. Jimmy told me about some of the smaller venues he’d performed in and about the Komedia in Brighton. He also suggested some contacts, and I took all this on board”.

Stephen now meets Carr occasionally when he’s down in the South Coast, going for a coffee in Starbucks and exchanging tales of how the comedy circuit is going.

He has also had praise lavished on him by prolific comedian Jimmy Cricket who helped him promote his charity tour raising money for cancer. “He took me into his dressing room and we chatted for hours about comedy, music and everything! We also shared jokes. Somewhere on you tube is a video of us messing about in the dressing room to promote my show”.

Stephens’s ultimate goal is to play at the much coveted Hammersmith Apollo, preferring to play there instead of the 02 and Wembley. As well as admitting the two arena venues would be too big for him, he remarks that it is typical of many comedians to lose contact with the audience there.

Asked where he’d ideally like to be in five years’ time Stephen replies, “Making people laugh up and down the country – that would be my dream job”.

With another tour booked for 2013 and scheduled to sell well, it looks like the young comedian could be on the way to his dream job earlier than he realises.

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Tour Dates ( Many More dates to be confirmed soon )
21st January – Gigglestock Brighton
28th January – Comedy Store London
8th February – Dukebox Theatre Brighton
12th February – New Sussex Hotel Lancing


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