The Fear

The cast of The Fear

The cast of The Fear

A new Brighton based thriller, known as ‘The Fear’ airs on Channel 4 tonight as the first part of a four episode series.
The thriller, which was filmed in Brighton, has a star studded cast including award winning Peter Mullan.
Mullan portrays Richie Beckett as a gangster suffering from an aggressive form of dementia, who plots to revamp Brighton’s West Pier.
The gangster’s world is thrown into turmoil after a forceful impact from the Albanian mafia, who intrude on Brighton turf.
The four-part-series based on Richie’s relationship with his family, his deteriorating battle with Alzheimer’s and drug dealing, makes the thriller far from your typical day on the South-Coast.
The Alzheimer’s Society, praised The Fear, it said: “It is good for dementia to be portrayed in mainstream drama. As shown in the series, dementia can be very frightening and confusing when you don’t know what the cause is.”
The Fear, which was written by Richard Cottan, also stars Harry Lloyd, Paul Nicholls and Richard E Grant.
The Fear will be shown on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.


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