Legendary Ice Show Returns with New Fast and Fiery Show.


By Lisa Barnett

The show stopping sensation that is Holiday on Ice returns to Brighton as part of its UK tour later this month.

Created by international director Bart Doefler Speed is a new show from the company that aims to be fiercer, faster and more dangerous than any other.

Taking the audience on a journey through the speed of love, nature, money and time, just to name a few, Speed is a kaleidoscope of colour and adrenalin.

As well as the now legendary kick line and Holiday on Ice wheel audiences will also be dazzled by burlesque, circus and dance acts as well as death-defying stunts.

Now in its 69th year Holiday on Ice continues to be ground breaking and this year is no different with Speed Machines, a new innovative concept involving stunt snow bikes. Past performers Forrest Ryan McKinnon and Melody Le Mola spent the past year learning to perform on motorbikes on the ice.

As usual Holiday on Ice is full of family friendly frolics and Speedis a spectacular display of creativity and athleticism delivering a show that will leave you wanting more.

Speed is at the Brighton Centre from Thursday November 22nduntil Sunday November 25th.

For ticket information head to www.brightoncentre.co.uk


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