‘We’re better without bullying’


by Malcolm Cook

This year’s Anti-Bullying Week will take place from 19th – 23rd November 2012, with the theme being:

We’re better without bullying’

All children and young people have more chance of achieving their full potential without bullying. We know that bullying leads to children missing school, failing exams, dropping out of sport, staying away from extra curricular activities, and limiting their life choices. It is time that this stopped.

This year’s theme shines a light on bullying and its affect on achievement. Together we can make it clear that we do not accept bullying in our schools, clubs and teams and create environments

Please contact us with your ideas for inclusion

Below are a range of free activities and ideas to get involved with for Anti Bullying Week

  • Set up an anti-bullying poetry competition and hold prize giving in anti-bullying week
  • Get students to create their own ‘anti-bullying policy’ which can be voted on by the school in assembly during anti-bullying week
  • Join up with a local media arts college to create an anti-bullying radio station for anti-bullying week
  • Invite other local schools to make presentations in your assemblies during anti-bullying week
  • Invite students to help you update your ‘school anti-bullying policy’
  • Ask every student in the school to think of one idea to tackle bullying, which they write down on a piece of paper. Collect all the different answers, write them up and present to the students
  • Have students write anti-bullying letters and other creative accounts of bullying and send them to local media, press and MP’s





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