National Adoption Week


By Anthony Scott

This week is National Adoption Week, run by British Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), in the hope to raise awareness of adoption in the public domain.

The BAAF have been advising, supporting and campaigning for better outcomes for those children who are put into care since they were formed 32-years ago.

The company have run National Adoption Week since 1997, and believe it has really benefited those children who are in care and also appealing to people across the UK wanting to adopt.

Peter Evans, Cabinet minister for children and families said: “In an ideal world, every child would grow up in a stable environment loved by those around them.

“Sadly, that isn’t always the case, which is why we always welcome prospective families seriously considering adoption.”

BAAF also believe National Adoption Week is important in reminding people about the backgrounds of the children waiting for adoption, and the difference adoption can make to a child’s life.

The week-long event also attracts people wanting to find out about their own adoption or about a child they put up for adoption. The BAAF offer advice and support for those who of which are concerned.

As well as this, the company also offer an Adoption Champions scheme for those who want to get involved in the campaign so they can make a difference to the week dedicated to those children in care.

An area that the week is hoping to have an effect on is West Sussex, as potential adoptive parents are being sought for 19 children.

The service currently only has 11 approved adopters, but the ratio between adoptive parents and children in need of care is always changing.

An information evening will be held at Billingshurst Village Hall on November 13 about adoption, from 6pm until 8pm.

For a free information pack, visit, contact 01403 229553 or e-mail


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