Lewes Bonfire

By Tom Copeland

The annual spectacle that is Lewes Bonfire is set to light up the Sussex town tonight.


The six bonfire societies of Lewes will take to the streets from 7.40pm before eventually heading to their own bonfire sites around town where bonfires and fireworks will commence.

This event sparks debate each year as the residents of Lewes try to put people off of coming to the event, believing that Lewes isn’t set up to handle the crowds.

Another problem which arises is the general safety of those watching the proceedings, with the most common injury being eye damage from stray fireworks in the street.

This is usually a result of people throwing fireworks into the crowds or in the processions; something not uncommon at Lewes.

As a result, people are persuaded to look after their own safety and to bring safety eye wear and ear protectors to avoid any potential injuries.

The whole town is closed off for the evening’s festivities and as a consequence travel to and from the event is heavily disrupted.

Visitors are advised to use public transport although the Lewes Bonfire Council website calls the journey “horrendous” and “an unpleasant experience”.

Trains are running as normal in and out of Lewes with the last services departing between 12.00am and 12.30am.

Brighton and Hove buses will also be running although there will be several diversions in place which will disrupt this journey.

For more details on the event timings and how to get to and from, visit the Lewes District Council Website page at http://www.lewes.gov.uk/news/20558.asp.

Photo courtesy of Peter Trimming, Lewes Guy Fawkes Night Celebrations.


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