Hell Breaks Loose in Sussex


By Niall Berry

On any normal day, Tulleys farm, in Turners Hill just outside Crawley, is just a fun filled family attraction, but when October comes around all hell breaks loose because Shocktober comes to town. For 18 days in October, Tulleys transforms into one of the best Halloween attraction in the country, and when night falls the ghouls come out to play.

The main attractions are the live mazes, from the confines of The Cellar with its twisting, dark interior, to Hell-ements, where you start the maze by putting an executioner’s hood over your head. There’s even the Haunted Hayride, a tractor pulled trailer ride through the dark and misty woods. All these ‘haunts’ contain actors paid to scare you senseless.

Because of this, it’s not recommended for anyone under 12, and anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. It’s also a largely outdoor event, with queuing for attractions covered but outside, so it’s advised that you wrap up warm. Many visitors also choose to dress up – on most visits you can see loads of brilliant costumes that don’t even belong to the actors.

There’s also a great range of food available on site, from burgers to Chinese noodles, it’s all reasonably priced and there’s plenty of choice.

So if its blood-stained zombies, cleaver wielding hillbillies or even creepy clowns, there’s something at Tulleys to scare everyone, from something as basic as walking through a pitch black corridor or as extreme as having a chainsaw waved in your face your heart will definitely be racing by the end of the night.


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