Success for Brighton and Hove Football Club

By Josh Harrison

The recent success of Brighton and Hove Football Club has been a joy to see for fans of the club and football fans throughout England.

A new award winning stadium, promotion to the championship, and an exciting style of football have given fans much optimism about the future, with many believing that the premiership is not far away, and you can hardly blame them.

Not many would have predicted Brighton would be in such a good position when Gus Poyet took over as manager. The team continued to struggle in the bottom four of league one, but the Uruguayan has inspired a remarkable change in fortune.

Lifelong fan and season ticket holder Stephan Warr thinks Poyet’s appointment has been a key factor to the Albion’s climb up the football league: “Gus took over as manager when we were in the bottom 4 of league one has propelled us to a top 10 Championship side in under 4 years. Therefore he must be doing something right. I think the main thing is that he has a good knowledge of the game and his enthusiasm and desire is second to none. He has the character that has managed to persuade top players to come and play for Brighton, players like Craig Mackail-Smith”.

Another thing that has inspired the team to do well is the number of top quality players Poyet has bought to strengthen the team; players such as Mackail Smith, Vicente, Bruno and Wayne Bridge, all players with international experience, and all players fans wouldn’t have dreamed of signing four years ago.

Brighton and Hove Albion tour guide Sam Evans still can’t believe how far the team has come under Poyet: “Gus (Poyet) has totally transformed the team and from watching them at the Withdean during the league one years, bottom of the table, the transformation under his regime has been incredible. Signing players like Vicente and Bruno, Spanish international player, has shown how far we have come, and really do think it won’t be long until we achieve promotion to the premiership.”

The championship is without doubt a very tough league and the task of achieving promotion may prove to be too difficult for the team. However with a young exciting manager, talented new players, and one of the best stadiums in England, surely it won’t be long before Brighton’s brilliant revolution continues and they achieve promotion to the Premiership.


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