Sussex Spook-tacular

By Jack Hayward

Before I proceed to tell you all about the vast range of ‘Spook-tacular’ events going on in Sussex this week I will confess that I am not exactly enthusiastic about the whole ‘Trick-or-Treat’ fest, so apologies if some of my own negativity decides to creep in.

Never one for negativity though (ahem), I have compiled a list of some of the hotspots for local Halloween fun for all those out there who do have a penchant for throwing eggs at houses, terrorising grannies and more generally those who enjoy dressing up in ridiculous outfits all in the name of blood, guts, gore and horror.

Enough of my own personal cynicism, here are some suggestions of where to go and what to do this week if you are of a more haunted persuasion…

Tulley’s Farm, Turners Hill:

Shocktober Tulleys Farm

Shocktober is fast becoming one of Europe’s biggest Halloween celebrations

All those passionate about Halloween in Sussex will surely know all about Shocktober at Tulley’s Farm where this year they were attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest zombie gathering. Unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful but thousands of zombies did turn up for the occasion and the freaky festivities will continue until the 3rd November. Be warned though, under 16’s are advised to come accompanied by an adult and under 12’s are not recommended to come at all due to level of fright on offer. For more information visit:

Borde Hill Gardens, Haywards Heath:

Borde Hill’s beautiful scenic landscape will in the forthcoming week be transformed into a magical wonderland for children and adults alike who love a taste of witchcraft and the horror of Halloween. Children will be given the chance to reach inside the bubbling cauldron to pull out a trick or a treat, get their face-painted in terrifying tribute to the classical Halloween characters and to make a marvellously manic mobiles to hang at home and scare their families. Adults won’t be left in the lurch either as the landscape at Borde Hill is truly magnificent at this time of year as the colours of autumn come out to play. Visit for more information.

Fishers Farm, Wisborough Green:

If you or your children love all things creepy and crawly then Fishers Farm is the place to go between the 27th of October and the 4th of November. This weekend in particular will provide bundles of entertainment for ‘scare-a-holics’ as there will be tarantulas, cockroaches and snakes aplenty for visitors to hold as well as the ‘Spook Show’ which will run daily in the Barn Theatre throughout the aforementioned period. Visit for more information.

Horsham Town Centre:

Horsham will be awash with Halloween-related fun

Throughout the Halloween period and leading right the way up to Bonfire Night, Horsham’s town centre will be awash with Halloween inspired events ranging from traditional fun-fair rides and market stalls which are bound to embrace spook-fever to a fancy-dress parade and the ghoulish live street theatre taking place this Saturday.

The Star, Alfriston:

The Star in Alfriston, East Sussex, will welcome paying customers on Friday 2nd November for an evening of tasty food and ghost hunting. Visitors must be 18 years or older and will be charged £50 for their evening’s entertainment which will be hosted at the supposedly haunted premises which were built way back in 1260. Visit for further information.

Arundel Walking Tour:

If you are at a loose end this week and are in need of a fix of fear then head to Arundel for the Jailhouse and Ghost Experience walking Tour. Visitors will be treated to a tour around Arundel’s old prison house located beneath the Town Hall, which is said to inhabit many ghosts. It is promised that even non-believers will be turned after experiencing this tour, so perhaps I should pop along myself! For more information please visit

It seems that Sussex is a great place to be then for all-comers, young and old, wishing to delve into all things Halloween this coming week.

So, what are you waiting for? Don your witch-hats and ghostly bed-sheets and get carving your pumpkin lanterns!



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