Apple’s new iPad mini

The iPad mini aside its larger brother, the iPad.

James Allen

Today, Apple held a press conference and released not only the 4th generation of iPads, but the new iPad mini, a 7.9 inch variant of its bigger brother.

This release has long been speculated by many in the tech industry, showing Apple’s recognition of users who want something smaller.

While the features of the new iPad mini mirror that of the previous model regular size iPad, the size difference is an impressive jump forward for the device.

The new tablet shows a dual-core A5 chip, a front-facing camera, a rear 5 megapixel camera, a few faster wireless capabilities, and, of course, apples new lightning connector that I complained about in my iPhone 5 review (which can be found here:

The cheapest variant of the new iPad mini will price at £269, a fair bit more than its average competitor, and will begin shipping during the first few days of November.

Anger is already surfacing from critics and reviewers about the short gap between iPad releases, only 6 months, and with very few changes between models, featuring only a few changes in design.

The mid-sized tablet market is one of the largest growing categories in the technology industry, with phones becoming larger and tablets becoming smaller to deal with new screen resolutions and one-handed usability that appeals to those on the go, it comes as no surprise to see Apple doing all it can to release this product before Christmas to ensure that no wish-list is written without the iPad mini taking the number one place.

Apple’s attempt at pandering to the young market is shameless, just minutes before the release, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, spent 5 minutes talking about how the iPad goes hand-in-hand with school studies, he also mentioned the release of new software that would allow teachers to easily create stunning and immersive electronic textbooks that would work fluidly on the new iPad.

The press conference also featured a new iMac desktop, Apple’s original desktop computer, with features that include new Nvidia graphics, a slimmer design, and a new Core i5 processor (Nicknamed Ivy Bridge).

Keen-eyed customers will be quick to note the lack of optical CD drive, a feature considered almost unanimous in desktop computers, although Apple was quick to respond to worried by mentioning an external optical drive that you can purchase alongside the new iMac.

Apple is on a product releasing spree this year, refreshing almost every range of products it offers.

Be sure to re-visit Brightonlite when I go hands-on with the new iPad mini and the new iMac.


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