By Henry Sansom, Rob Dean, Henry Willis and Nicola Peschek







Brighton’s clubs have rolled out the red carpet for this year’s latest batch of freshers.

Flyers are flooding the Laines as the student haunts on West Street and the seafront are gearing up for their busiest season.

With approximately 7,000 freshers coming from the city’s two main universities alone, clubs are offering low price promotions to meet the demands of cash-strapped students.

“Most students come in from the University of Brighton and University of Sussex, so most of our promotions are aimed towards them,” says Hannah Woodrow, manager of Vodka Revoloutions on West Street. “A huge core of our customers are students.”

With weekends reserved for nine-to-fivers, ‘Revs’ aims its weekday promotions at students with discount drinks and theme evenings, such as Brighton Rox and FYI.

Infamous student bar crawl, Carnage, hits the town next week with Revs a highlight stop on the route.

This, along with events such as Halloween at the end of the months sees bars and clubs stay busy after the initial start of term boom.

While the clubs of Brighton rely heavily on the universities to supply them with punters, the traditional pubs are happy with their regulars and passing trade.

Their dark, cosy atmospheres cater towards a social pint and a bite to eat after work rather than a night of bargain booze and partying, and some pub landlords are even describing the students as nuisances.

Romey Adams, assistant manager of The White Rabbit said: “They leave shit everywhere and spread their sachets all over the table… some even nick benches!”

It appears that pubs would rather keep their higher prices and friendly regulars, sticking to traditional values rather than selling out for rowdy students.


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