Twitter outrage at Shadow Chancellor’s Speech


Anna Hayward

Twitter exploded with outraged tweets earlier today criticizing the shadow chancellor’s announcement of new policies for a two year stamp duty and a promise to build 10,000 homes.

The tweets reacted to Ed Ball’s speech at the Labour conference in Manchester. In his speech the chancellor called out for urgent action to aid growth and that a review of a long term plan to help rebuild Britain’s economic infrastructure was essential.

The speech announced that the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sir John Armitt, would offer independent advice to help the Labour government’s decision making to strengthen and rebuild Britain’s economy. He followed this by announcing a controversial plan to use some of the £4bn from the 4G mobile phone spectrum to pay for 10,000 new homes to be built. The icing on the cake was when Balls proposed to allocate the remaining money on a two-year stamp duty holiday for first-time buyers on properties worth up to £250,000.

However despite Ed Balls heroics twitter followers were adamant that his policies were weak. It seems as if the failings of the Labour party under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are far from forgotten.

Many tweets attacked the Shadow Chancellor and the Labour party saying:

“…think the fact that ed balls still has a job is all u need to know about the Labour party”.

“Too far too fast isn’t that the spending policies of Ed Ball”.

“Dear Ed balls, if ur going to talk about the NHS don’t forget to mention the 12b labour were going to waste on their it system”.

One angry tweeter even went as far as to say: “A guy whos name describes what people think of his policies”.

However not all tweets were negative. One tweeter wrote: “Ed balls gave the best speech of the conference so far”.

Ed Ball’s blunt and public mocking of the Conservatives is just the beginning. The political tension is coming to a head as each side fights for its time in the sun. Which side will you choose?


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