The first of Brighton’s Big Dig days was lovely!


by Malcolm Cook

The weather was bright and breezy, the sun was scorching and atmosphere was just like being on a school summer holiday. Stanmer Organics, Brighton Permaculture Trust, Fork n Dig It! and my favourite which I am more than likely to return to for some volunteering is the newish Berry Farm.

I met a friend who was waiting for at the top of Farmhouse Orchard.  I was late for our picnic! Luckily she didn’t wait and was quite full and stretched out sunbathing. Once a couple a forkfuls of a Dahl curry had disappeared, across the lightest of breezes came the light aroma of Apple, Vinegar and other sweet things. It was wofting up from down the bottom. A table had been set up a big cauldron of Chutney was being stirred casually and people were busying about. Some were Scything the grass and hedges and making big stacks. Others were sorting what apples there were. This year only 1 and half kilo’s whereas last they cropped one and half tonnes! Did you know that bees don’t fly when it’s wet? Clever bees!

As the afternoon passed all too quickly we realised that things were winding down so we got a move on and made our way up past Fork n Dig It who were cooking Chips and straight passed the Earth Ship to the Berry Farm which had berries I had never seen before in my life. Anyhow that’s all I have time for this time, more next time bye!

Malcolm Cook


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