By Oran Burke

One of the BBC’s flagship current affairs programmes will be filmed in Brighton tonight but will not include a representative from the Green Party. According to the BBC website the participants in tonight’s debate will be Harriet Harman, Danny Alexander, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Kirstie Allsop and Steve Coogan.

The programme will be broadcast from St. Bartholomew’s Church in Ann Street and invites members of the public to question the panel. It comes at the end of a week which has seen the Liberal Democrat conference take place in the city and the three main political parties will be represented but nobody from the local Green-led council or national organisation will appear.

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, has appeared eight times in three years as party leader, a fact which has previously been criticised by the Daily Telegraph for giving an undeserved platform to the her “nationally unpopular Green Party”. She recently resigned to concentrate on her parliamentary activities, making way for the election of Natalie Bennett in her place.

A parliamentary spokeswoman for Lucas emphasised that “the BBC is under no obligation to put a Green representative on the panel for Question Time – whether in Brighton or anywhere else.”


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