Is Brighton better than London?


by Roberta Radu

When I first moved to Brighton, I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only Londoner who abandoned the bustling capital for the slightly annoying sound of seagulls and the easy-going bohemian air of the coast. Talking to former Londoners, who now declare themselves Brightonians at heart, I found that most people made a conscious decision to leave the city behind and instead settle for a more comfortable existence. The factors behind their relocations tend to vary from one case to another, but there is common ground at least when it comes to finances and family life.

Brighton is cheaper to live in than London

During a quick stroll around the centre I had a look at the housing market and found that entering the property ladder seems to be within the realms of possibility if you venture south, unlike London where renting and buying are as expensive as each other. Even when one does eventually get to buy property in London,  one has to accept that the dream turns into a nightmare if the only affordable thing on the market is a basement flat with no windows and a council tax worth a small fortune.

It’s not that far away!

If you ever miss London or need to inhale the toxic fumes that once spiced your daily intake of oxygen, you can always hop on a train to Victoria or London Bridge Station. It’s a 50 minute train journey to both and unless you’re deterred by the prospect of paying £9 per day for a return tube ticket, you could make it into a short weekend trip. That is, if you can afford a hotel.

The weather…

You will often hear Londoners moaning about getting their expensive suits drenched  after having forgotten their new umbrellas in a pub whose name they can’t remember. While good weather is certainly not an asset the English can boast about to prospective tourists, Brightoners do seem to get a bit more sunshine than their neighbours in the capital. In the summer, you don’t have to worry that Brighton will suddently turn into a hotspot for foreign tourists, because quite frankly they are all out and about in Spain enjoying the 35C+ temperatures that the English coast can only dream of.

As long as you stick to Brighton, there aren’t any bad residential  areas

When I was looking for a flat, I tried to gauge from locals whether there are any regions within Brighton that I should perhaps avoid. Countless of questions later, I was left to conclude that residents don’t have reservations about any area in particular. Ask any Londoner and they will be able to rant about at least five places they wouldn’t be caught in. Brighton appears to be safer so I can see why families would choose it over London.



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