City’s streets praised for cleanliness

By Nisha Bhakoo

The city’s streets have been praised for cleanliness in the national Clean Britain Awards with Brighton and Hove receiving a 4 Star Award.

Judges visited the city in peak season (August 28). They noted the great level of challenges facing cleansing services with the city being a thriving resort, such as getting ready for major events like Pride.  The beach received a glowing review. This comes shortly after Brighton & Hove City Council reported clearing up over 23 tonnes of rubbish from the beach (18 and 19 August). This was the most the council had collected in one weekend this year.

Judges said: “The beach was highlighted for specific recognition as it scored a perfect 100% across all criteria, with specific reference to the implementation of large capacity bins and temporary litter bins equally spaced along the beach”

The pier and marina also scored highly across all criteria with just a few incidences of gum and litter. Preston Park and Palmeira Square were also notably well kept areas.

Mike Moon, from City Clean said: “As a diverse and busy city especially in peak holiday season, our street cleansing team goes to great lengths to keep the city clean and tidy, and I’m happy that the recent inspection reflects this”.


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